About us


Welcome to Barbacoa..

Legend has it that there is a magical place – once you’ve been there, you'll want to visit again and again. This special place has the most breathtaking view in the world - as you watch the sunset kiss the islands, an emulsion of colors and patterns forms right before your eyes. A special view such as this one deserves a special place.

Barbacoa is a place that will complete your experience with top grilled specialties, and a unique wine and beer menu. Warm up in our ambiance as the juicy scents fill the space and captivate you. Cool off on the most beautiful terrace in the city, with starry skies and a light breeze. Taste the flavors of juicy meat and crispy vegetables and listen to the cheerful rattling of forks and knives. A taste, a scent, and a view you will never forget.
Bon Appetit!


We offer top specialties from charcoal grill according to the Leskovac recipe. A renowned barbecue master - Stojan Cvetković Stole from Leskovac, personally designed the Barbacoa menu so that you can truly experience the taste of Leskovac. Apart from the original recipe and meat from our very own production, you can also enjoy a wide selection of wine and beer.


We are located in Martinkovac, at the address, Juraj Dobrila 17, surrounded by greenery and the most beautiful view of the Kvarner Bay. There is a large parking lot for guests right next to the restaurant. Just a few minutes' drive from the city center separate you from the most delicious barbecue in town.